Business Bill of Sale Template

Business Bill of sale as the name suggests is the bill, which records the sale of the business from one person to the other. In other words a business Bill of sale is the bill which basically works as a legal document in giving effect to the change of business ownership from the one person to the other.

business bill of sale

For example if you are planning to sell out all your business including the assets to any individual or the organization then you need to execute this transfer of business by the business Bill.

Business bill is widely used when the business is sold out or it is merged with any other business and consequently all the rights of the concerned business are sold to the other business holder.

Business Bill of sale records all the information about the business which is being sold out along with the name of seller and the buyer. Further it records all the records of the assets of the business which are being transferred or sold to the other individual or the business organization.

Here we are providing you the template of the business Bill of sale, which you can have a look of, and use in your own use. Below are the specifications of the business Bill of sale template.

  • This template of business Bill of sale has the professional outlook and is meant to be used by the small or mid size business organizations.
  • The template is in the PDF Format hence it can be easily transferred.
  • You can easily edit or make changes in this template by using the Word.

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